Articles & Videos You Should See 11-7

Here are this week’s articles and videos I think contain valuable information for coaches & their athletes. I hope you find the same value in them as I do.
7 Habits for Highly Effective Training – Simple concepts and habits that every athlete should keep in mind when training. If you’re a coach, I recommend going over these with your players. It might be common sense to you or me, but it may be novel to them.
How to Squat Deeper – If mobility is an issue for you or your athletes, Joe Meglio provides several methods of helping improve joint function in this article.
Simple Thoracic Spine Mobility Exercises – More mobility exercises, only Mike Reinold focuses solely on the thoracic spine and is able to go into greater detail.
Leave Your Mark –  “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Even for the most determined of us have trouble finding motivation occasionally, Chad Howse does a good job of reiterating what it takes to “Be Legendary.” These are more good points to discuss with your athletes to keep them in the present, but looking to the future.
Single Leg Barbell RDL/Row Combo – Big fan of this exercise, though I would instruct athletes to maintain a proper lower back arch, even if they can’t get all the way down (in the video, he rounds his back slightly to touch the weight to the ground).
Workout Finishers For Basketball Players and Teams – Alan Stein provides another great video for basketball coaches to use with their players. If you work with basketball players, be sure to subscribe to his channel on YouTube or follow him on Twitter because he is an EXCELLENT resource to have. He produces tons of great videos and articles.
Pike Rollback – At about the 2:30 mark, Nick Tumminello actually gets around to demonstrating this exercise. If you’ve ever seen any of Nick’s videos, you know he likes to talk as much as anyone I know, but fortunately it’s usually stuff I want to learn, so it works out quite well. This is no exception and I am excited to work this exercise into my programs.
Later this week, I will be putting up a big post on what you should have, as well as what you should avoid, for a successful training system. If I can ever be of assistance to you or your program, please feel free to contact me.
All the best,
Drew Henley, CSCS, USAW

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