Articles & Videos You Should See 11-14

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend for the holiday and showed their support for all those in our armed forces for their sacrifices they have made to allow us to enjoy our way of life. Here are this week’s Articles & Videos You Should See.
Resistance Training vs Static Stretching – In sports where flexibility is at a premium (swimming, gymnastics, baseball pitchers, etc.), it can be difficult to convince athletes to participate in weight training. They fear that the strength gains somehow come at the cost of their flexibility. This study will give you something tangible to get them into the weight room.
This Christmas Help an American Business – This is NOT a sales pitch of any sort. It is actually a great message and way to give during this holiday season that not only provides a service to your loved ones, but also helps others in your community by supporting local businesses. I will certainly be incorporating this into my holiday shopping this year.
The One Arm Press – I’m a big fan of unilateral training, especially single arm presses (great for hitting the core as well as smoking your shoulders). I’m not saying they should be in every program, but Dan John does a good job describing his method and use of the exercise.
Technique Highlight: SLR with Traction – An…interesting technique for improving hamstring flexibility and ROM of the hips. But Dr. Erson Religioso makes a point of reserving it for clients or athletes you’re sure can handle the technique. I’ve always been intrigued by the use of traction in therapy and this is another reason why.
Thoughts on the FMS Level 1 – Another appearance by Dr. E, this time his thoughts after attending the Functional Movement Systems seminar. I have used some of the aspects of the FMS in assessing athletes, but have not yet had the pleasure of attaining the certification. It is certainly on my list, right after I finish studying for the NASM CES advanced specialization. I liked his recognition that this industry needs the collaboration of all areas – strength & conditioning, physical therapists, ATCs, and doctors – in order to thrive.
The Myth of Symmetrical Programs – Great post by Mike Robertson on program design. To oversimplify it into a single sentence, programs should only be balanced if the athlete is balanced to begin, otherwise the goal is to ATTAIN balance. I highly recommend taking the link regarding row and bench as counterparts, lots of good information in there as well.
Hands On Neutral Spine – If your athletes are having problems with their deadlift technique, specifically rounding the back, Tony Gentilcore provides a great training tip. Have the athlete slightly bend the knee, then lower their shoulders until they rest with their hands on their knees. From this position, have the athlete lower their hips and shoulders at the same rate.
Volleyball Practice Warm Up and Strength Training – Great video by Joe Bonyai. I especially liked the mobility drills he has throughout the clip and would recommend most sports (not just volleyball) utilize them in their programs.
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Drew Henley, CSCS, USAW


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