Articles & Videos You Should See 11-21

Expanding On The Joint-By-Joint Approach – I first learned about the joint-by-joint approach after reading one of Mike Boyle’s articles a long time ago, but I enjoy Grey Cook’s detailed description even better. This is a great resource for all coaches and trainers to have when assessing an athlete’s deficits, imbalances, injuries, etc. I have read through his book Athletic Body in Balance and after this excerpt, will likely be looking into Movement in the near future.
Communication Rating System – This is a must read for all basketball coaches. I don’t think there’s a sport where effective communication is as powerful a tool as on the hardwood (which I’ve learned as both a player and coach). I am currently working with Mesa Community College’s Men’s Basketball team and they are known across the country for their defense, which derives its strength from their communication. I have been a part of thousands of basketball practices, games, and clinics and can say there is no team that compares to MCC at being vocal. It’s a pleasure to be around and keeps everyone engaged and fired up, NOTHING goes unnoticed. In this article, Alan Stein outlines a great scale for basketball teams’ communication skills. A quiet team is a team ready to fail, get them talking and get them going.
What I Do When I Feel Stale – Everybody has those days (or weeks) they just don’t have it. Maybe it’s boredom, stress, or just being tired, but we’ve all had times where we just felt out of it and unable to produce at our normal levels. Tony Gentilcore provides a few good ways of breaking out of a funk and getting the juices flowing again.
Who Is Your Daddy and What Does He Do? – Throwback to the days of Arnold as the Terminator, Arnold Strong, and Pumping Iron. Who among us HASN’T wished they were the Governator at some point in time? John Romaniello put together an entertaining, although sometimes profane – just a fair warning –  article on the man, the myth, the legend that is Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Restoring Movement With Natural Physics – This was a guest post on The Manual Therapist by Dr. Ben Fung about the use of kettlebells in training. If you don’t use kettlebells in your training (or would like to see more ways to utilize them), Dr. Fung shows a multitude of ways and reasons to incorporate them into your programs.
Unsupported DB Rows – Ben Bruno shows another innovative spin on a classic exercise. The added benefit of core activation to resist rotation is great, even at the expense of the heavy weight that can be lifted when supported. Another tool for your toolbox.
Hip Openers – If you’re like me, hip flexibility and mobility is your mortal enemy. I hate how tight my hips are and bust my ass (get it? Ass? Hips? Pun? Don’t worry, it’s just for the scholars out there) to loosen them up every day, yet they go back to the immovable piece of junk they were the day before. This video from Fitness Source shows several good exercises to help improve flexibility in this stubborn region. And it’s a great way to get athletes to do yoga without realizing it.
Let me know any thoughts you may have on the above resources, I hope you find them as useful as I have. If I can ever help you or your program in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask.
All the best,
Drew Henley, CSCS, USAW

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