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The first round of videos are up on the new YouTube channel (which you can subscribe to here). 

Scapular Push Up Progression

Here is a series of exercises to increase strength of the serratus anterior and improve scapular stability. A few variations include contralateral scapular retraction with a dumbbell (which demands a LOT of core stability as well).
BOSU MB OH Extension

I love incorporating this exercise into my core work. Similar to rollouts with an ab wheel or TRX, the goal is to resist spinal extension, and can be manipulated by your position on the BOSU, the weight of the med ball, and the length of overhead extension.
BOSU MB Oblique Lateral Extension

Same concept as the OH Extension, only now we’re working on lateral flexion of the spine.
Alternating Push Ups

Provides variation and a great way of incorporating core work and scapular stability.
Side Plank with External Rotation and Extension

Working on the core as well as scapular retractors, stabilizers, and shoulder external rotation.

As you can see, the focus this week is on scapular stability and new ways of developing the core. Right now, baseball players (who are my main focus right now) are starting to turn it up in the weight room and need to remember it’s more than just moving big weights. Research has shown that up to 85% of muscle activation in decelerating the arm after a throw comes from the core and scapular stabilizers1. It is important for players to recognize the importance of balancing things out, and making sure they can stop their arm after throwing 98 mph. A Ferrari with 500 horsepower isn’t very useful if you remove the brakes.
Let me know any thoughts you have, or any requests you have. As always, if I can ever be of assistance to you or your program, please feel free to contact me at anytime.
All the best,
Drew Henley, CSCS, USAW
P.S. I apologize for those of you who have encountered errors with the site this past week, with all the changes there have been some hiccups. I appreciate your patience and understanding. The final product will be well worth it, I can promise you that.

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