Training the Core

I put a new video up on YouTube – HSP Core Exercises – yesterday and thought I’d give a little detail about the exercises here. 

MB Rollouts – Great for resisting spinal extension, also works the lats, shoulders, triceps, and forearms.

Starfish – Maintain balance and spinal integrity in a dynamic environment.

Dead Bugs – Much harder than they first appear. Great for training the deeper core muscles needed for balance and proper LPHC positioning.

Pallof Walkouts – Works multifidi, transverse abdominis, internal and external obliques to resist rotation and protect spinal positioning.

Pallof Reverse Lunge – Similar to the walkouts, but incorporates the larger hip muscles. Also focuses effort on single leg balance through movement and transferring force through the entire kinetic chain.

SB Cable Twist – As you can see in the video, it’s important to initiate movement at the feet and get power from the hips. 

1/2 Kneel High-Low Cable Chop – This can be done with either knee down. Great for integrating the deeper muscles for stabilizing the LPHC.

SB Knee Tucks – A beginning level ab exercise. Good for increasing hip flexor strength as well.

TRX Superman – Great exercise for resisting spinal extension. Going towards the fulcrum increases the difficulty exponentially (as you can see in the video I struggle a little…but in my defense, it was the last exercise filmed and I was toast).

Slideboard Rollouts – What I like about this exercise is the demand it places on the scapular stabilizers. You are forced to maintain control of your shoulders or else they’ll slide out from under you and you’ll end up with a nice face full of slideboard.

As you can see, I put a heavy emphasis on resisting spinal extension. Also, very few of these exercises (or any core exercise I use) incorporates much more than just the abdominal muscles. Very rarely are the abdominal muscles where force is generated, the main function of the core is to efficiently transfer energy between the extremities. This is an important concept to remember during core training, train for the actual goal you want to achieve (and no, you won’t get to your six pack goal by isolating your abs).

If you missed my other videos, there are two other great core exercises on my YouTube channel – BOSU MB OH Extension and BOSU MB Oblique Lateral Extension. Be sure to check it out and subscribe here.

Let me know any questions, comments, or requests you have. As always, if I can ever be of assistance to you or your program, please feel free to contact me at anytime.

All the best,
Drew Henley, CSCS, USAW


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