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Unlike my typical Articles & Videos posts, which I try to focus on recent writings, today I want to share some of my favorite blog posts/articles/etc. I’ve come across. Most will be from T-Nation, so if you aren’t following that site, you are missing on some great resources. Here they are in no particular order.

  1. How to Build Pure Strength – Bryan Krahn interview with Jim Wendler (I’ve recently become a big fan of his 5/3/1 method).
  2. 101 Tips for Being a Great General Manager – From Jeffrey Keller via Michael Boyle.
  3. 12 Thoughts for the Preseason – Great post by Alan Stein, though it may be a little early for preseason talk for basketball, still good for mindset.
  4. 40 Years of Insight, Part 1 – I have a coaching crush on Dan John. I think everything he writes is awesome and have yet to read an article of his without thinking of something new.
  5. 40 Years of Insight, Part 2 – With that said, I’ll try to limit the number of his articles on this list. But honestly, go buy “Never Let Go” asap, it’s the best training book I own. Everyone I’ve recommended it to has loved it as well. He should be paying me for this plug…
  6. Don’t Say Can’t – Another post by Alan, only this is more of a selfish plug. I had the pleasure of meeting Alan at a conference about 4-5 years ago when I was still pretty new to the field, and we spent several hours discussing training techniques. I walked away with a mentor and he walked away with a new training idea – my 60,000 pounds in 60 minutes challenge – which became my first recognizable contribution to the field, and this is one of several articles he mentions it (thanks again Alan). If you’re a basketball player or coach, make sure to check out StrongerTeam.com for some of the best basketball related material available.
  7. 21 Best Fitness Business Tips – From Pat Rigsby via Mike Boyle.
  8. In-Season Baseball Strength & Conditioning Part 1 and Part 2 – Cressey is an encyclopedia of strength and conditioning information, especially with baseball players.
  9. Step-by-Step Approach to Coming Back From an Injury – Tim Henriques provides a good resource for coaches trying to help athletes with recovery, especially handling the mental side.
  10. How Will You Use Neurodynamics – One of many great posts by affiliate and friend of the site, Dr. E. Honestly, I was going to list about six consecutive posts from Dr. E, but thought that could be overwhelming. So here are four.
  11. 9 Random Training Tips – Ben Bruno puts in more hours creating new exercises, writing up articles, and just being a weight room maniac than should be humanly possible.
  12. 4 Problems. 4 Solutions – Good article by Chad Howse that expands beyond the gym.
  13. Who is Your Daddy and What Does he do? – It’s an article all about Arnold, how can it NOT be on this list?
  14. Work the Entire Back Side of the Body at Once – Here’s that maniac part of Ben Bruno shines through.
  15. The Secrets – Another great list article by Boyle.

As you can tell, I have a relatively small group of authors as my “go-to” people for articles, and I am sure I have missed, skipped, or forgot several others. This is simply meant to be a good list of articles I’ve read over the past year or so that stood out in my mind. Any others that you have and would care to share, please feel free to email or send them to me on Twitter.

All the Best,

Drew Henley, CSCS, USAW, CES

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