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Articles & Videos You Should See 12-5

Olympic Lifting for Baseball – Joe Meglio brings up great reasons as to why baseball players should not be doing Olympic lifts. I love using them in training, but recognize that they are very technical lifts and improper form can easily lead to injuries. For baseball players, this is especially worrisome seeing as the likeliest injury sites are the wrist and shoulder.

Addressing Weaknesses in Training and Life – When addressing weaknesses in the weight room, it is important not to ignore of your strengths. Mike Robertson provides good insight on the importance of keeping your strengths and the reality of improving weak areas.

Jump Higher & Get More Powerful – Charles Poliquin shows some of the research behind utilizing both bilateral and unilateral plyometric training to elicit the best results. If you train athletes in jumping sports (basketball, volleyball, etc) it is important to note the risk of over training the CNS, as well as wear on the joints.

Tennis Ball Receiver Drills – I am a huge fan of tennis ball drills for hand-eye coordination. Here is a video showing how the University of Texas wide receivers improve their catching with tennis balls.

20 Battle Rope Exercises – There are a few variations I haven’t seen before on this video. Battle ropes are great on the shoulders, core, and pretty much everything else.

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